Social Responsibility

JI is passionate about giving back to the community in which we live and work. We realize the importance of corporate social responsibility. It is driven by our company culture, which encourages teamwork, integrity, creativity, balance among family, community, and work, initiative and personal responsibility. Twice annually we participate in Community Service Days, volunteering at various organizations around Austin. Building trails, clearing brush and sorting donated food are some of the things we’ve done in recent outings. Additionally, we partner with the Blood Center of Central Texas to host onsite blood drives quarterly.

Our favorite organizations include:



We have also developed friendships with five members of the Mary Lee Foundation. The Mary Lee Foundation serves children and adults with special needs so that they may develop a sense of dignity, a feeling of self-worth, and the skills necessary to socially integrate with and contribute to the community in which they live.

These five individuals were chosen because they had limited resources and welcomed our assistance and companionship. JI hosts a holiday party, celebrating with gifts and refreshments. We are delighted at the improvement in their social skills since they have become part of the JI family.