Performance Metrics


Measured performance, powerful results

At JI Companies, quality isn’t just a word but a commitment we make to our customers and a standard of performance we monitor each and every day.

Critical success indicators such as EDI timeliness and TIBS initiations are reviewed, not just quarterly or monthly as some providers do, but daily via a 55-inch wall display.  By putting our performance metrics front and center for everyone to see, we can better manage the situations that drive claims costs for our clients. The display also alerts to situations that may lead to less than optimal results for our clients so we can quickly address the issue.   

Accountability and responsiveness are further built into our monthly claims reporting process, which is reviewed by JI’s Executive Team. This report serves to guide improvements in claims strategies and ensures accuracy and consistency in the way we handle your claims.

Four times per year, a JI account executive meets with you for a Quarterly Claims Review to discuss our performance and review outstanding claims.  These quarterly meetings are followed up with an annual Stewardship Report with each client. Results are analyzed for the year, opportunities for improvements are identified, and revised claims strategies are devised.

These Performance Metrics are another way in which we can demonstrate our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.